If there is a puppy in a pet store you can bet it is from a puppy mill or even a backyard breeder.  
Puppies end up there for a quick dispersal.  There is little money to be made for those breeders as
they have to mass multiple to make their money.  You can imagine that this means quantity not
weaned very early to get them into the shops while they are still "puppy cute".
The sad part for the consumer is that they're paying a premium price for an inferior dog whom they
fall in love with.  Most of the time they have hereditary problems which often end up costing the new
owner hundreds or even thousands of dollars in vet bills and years of  heartache. If they aren't
prepared to pay all that then they end up selling their pet or placing it in rescue, because they just
can't live with it.  Either way it usually ends up being a heartbreaking situation for the owner and the
only one who benefits is the pet store and mill.  If this doesn't break your heart think more on the
adult dogs that never get a chance to leave.  They are locked up in small wire kennels left to
multiple twice a year sometimes as  early as 6 months old.  Never to enjoy a family loving
environment.   Always crying and barking to get out of their filthy, isolated cells.  Never to leave until
death or rescue.

There is only ONE way to stop puppy mills and that's to stop pet stores from selling puppies!  No
distribution outlet no reason to multiple.

So many times I've heard " I couldn't just leave him there, I had to save him. This is how they know
the door will be left open.  All you have done is saved ONE puppy. The parents and future siblings
are still in the queue waiting to  fill the empty cage you have just freed up. The key to saving these
dogs is to stop buying puppies from pet stores, PERIOD.  Take it one step further by protesting  the
stores that perpetuate this and STOP  buying from them PERIOD.   That means no supplies, no
small animals, birds, fish, rodents- NOTHING!!  There are other stores and Internet sellers who sell
supplies, but not puppies or kittens.

Please, for their sake...  Lets say NO MORE MILLS and stop passing the buck.

You can check the Internet for breed clubs and find a reputable breeder who will spend time to
educate, support and guide you with your new pet.   Support quality and dedicated breeders when
you select your new pet as they support their breeds best interest for the long run.

Breeding dogs has become a complex, expensive and demanding practice,
which should be backed up by genetic information and screening and a
thorough knowledge of the desired traits of the breed. The casual breeding
performed by friends or neighbors who happen to own a Miniature
Schnauzers or Toy fox Terrier (or other dogs) of opposite sexes seldom
produces anything but more Miniature Schnauzers, Toy Fox Terriers and just
plain old dogs. There are already too many mediocre in quality with poor
health conditions and temperaments.

Remember - you are doing a very real service to animal welfare by not
breeding your pet, and in doing so you are showing perhaps the finest kind
of love for the animals which mean so much to us all.  

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