About Me
My name is Hollie  aka   ENVOY.
I take pride in presenting quality and personality in all the dogs
that I breed.  First a Pet then a Champion is the foundation to my
breeding strategies.  My key goal is to find that one special show
dog that truly represents the essence of the mini schnauzer. My
competitive nature is that to show and win while establishing an
ambassador of the bred for people to learn the beautiful and
personality of these small dogs with big dog attitudes
All non show quality dogs are placed to approved pet homes on a
spay / neuter agreement.
Dedicated to the perfection of the breed to meet their breed
standard is the utmost important quality to a sound dog.  If your
breeder doesn't know their breed standard  and the health
hazards that their breed faces, then perhaps that is not the
breeder you should be dealing with.   
I come from a livestock breeding and showing background and the dogs are a natural part of that upbringing.  
Years of knowledge in selecting the genetically correct type of mates to produce the very best is what drives
me toward my goals at
Hopefully in attaining this I am able to share my love and enjoyment of these fine dogs with people who really
appreciate them, and thus ultimately puts a smile on my face and theirs
Quality Bred Miniature Schnauzers
Located in Beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada

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