The Circle of Life
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Located in Beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada

This year we finished 2 new girls to their Canadian championship. One boy that is co-owned (Bertha)
in Winnipeg to his Canadian Championship during our first national specialty in Alberta this year.
One new girl in Kansas to her American Championship (thanks Kim). Then we (thanks Marilyn) out our
chocolate girl Lucy and she finished in less than 7 shows with group placings to put in her in the
number 2 top toy fox in Canada position. Bailey still holding number one position in top toy fox.

The Toy Fox Terrier Club of Canada held its first National Speciality and Bailey became  the first
winner of our speciality. Many thanks to Bailey's professional team Sharon and Jim.
Lucy traveled with me to the newly relocated American Toy Fox Terrier Speciality in Las Vegas. she
was going for her Grand Championship and mad the top 7 cut all 4 days and was awarded 2 selects.
Her daughter went down as well to garnish a 5 pt major for her first attendance at a national show
event weekend.


Toy Foxes:
The last two years I have
been saying good bye to
many fur children and
friends.  I think its time to
realize we don't live forever
(oh to be a child again).

Many of my four legged
children who brought me
joy and accomplishments  
have been sent  across to
rainbow ridge. I shared the
joy of bringing them into
this world and finding them

forever homes where their
pleasant companionship
brighten someone else's
lives.  To all of you who
have lost them I thank you
for the awesome home you
provided and love and

devotion you gave. Here is
a place i hope they found.
Schnauzer Ridge provided

to me from one of my
clients. Look hard and you
will see the shape of the
schnauzer in the
I must say that if not for great
friends I probably would have
never accomplished all the things i
do.  Consider that I work a full time
job and try to do all my showing,
breeding and pet grooming in my
leisure time.  So as always, I would
like to say "
THANK YOU" to all my
friends who pitched in to help me
make this a successful year.
Forever in our hearts and never forgotten I dedicate this
page to all of  you.